Get to know us

We take pride in helping develop our girls

Don't forget we get started as young as 9 years old!
Our Vision

Black girls deserve to feel the power that comes along with effectively using their voices; not only to drive societal change, but to also, go after all that they desire. We train, educate and empower girls ages 9-17 to be fearless on their life-long journey of using their voices as one of their most powerful tools.

Core Beliefs
  • We believe that black girls have been made to feel silenced long enough.
  • We believe there is power behind the voice of every black girl who decides its time to talk about the injustices and societal opinions surrounding their appearance, generation, personal experiences with abuse, mental health, and much more.
  • We believe its time that they take a stand for their beliefs and any and everything that they feel deeply passionate about, including themselves
Our Mission

Training, Educating, and Empowering young black girls ages 9-17 to effectively and fearlessly use their voices. 

Let us help theirVoices develop.

We offer a wide range of training for ages 9-17, get them started early.

Features of Black Girls with MICS

Committed professionals

Our staff takes pride in training and educating our girls to better utilize their voices.


We do an array of training. We want to prepare our girls for public speaking all the way to winning any future debates.

Learning Confidence

We focus on giving our girls the confidence they need to speak- up in any situation they do not feel comfortable in.

Coping and Anxiety training

We focus on Meditation techniques and breathing exercises to help our girls cope with their fears.


We have created numerous games as ice-breakers to help loosen up our speakers in order to get comfortable before putting their voices to use.


We plan events hosted by "Moms of Color" so that our girls can get the practice they need in order to become their best speaking selves!