Our Activities


History Lessons

Black Girls with MICS enjoys teaching our girls about historical female revolutionaries that made a change in the world by using the power of their voices.



Pick a side, we often hold healthy debates that teach our girls see different viewpoint, stand their ground, and to effectively communicate.


At the end of the course(s) our girls will receive a certificate of completion and a ceremony celebrating their victories!


Anxiety Relief

Combat Anxiety! We believe before any great debate, interview, or public speaking event one should go in with a clear mind. Our training is powered by Afro Yogi Kids.

Young girl speaking loud aside to imaginary amplifier holding hand near her open mouth. Side view with empty space


There is nothing like an ice-breaker to get these girls started and also being able to find the fun in spreading your knowledge with you voice. We try to incorporate the fun into our training.


Confidence training

It's true! We are our own worst critiques. Once we have mastered our self-confidence we have reached a very big milestone when it comes to using our voices. Our girls are encouraged to work together and motivate one another, but alsp tp always give honest feedback.


VARIED Training

Throw me in coach! We hold mock interviews, debates, solo public speaking spotlights, group speakings, podcast training, poetry performances, and more. We want to make sure our girls are prepared to use their voices in various situations and aspects. We love to see them grow.



We hope you all come to support our girls as they put what they've learned to action. All events are hosted through Moms of Color and are open to the public.

summer camp

Summer Camps

What is a better way to put the summer to use than to learn the power of ones voice. We offer summer camps every year and its a blast as we focus on fearlessness and sisterhood. Send the girls back to school with a boost of confidence!