Black Girls with Mics Summer Session (ages 9-13)


July 20- August 10th 2020

4-week course
Group workshops
Personal expression skills
Solo training as needed
Video and Podcast Practice
Artistic Expression Development
Certificate of Completion

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4-week course:  2 days/week

Group workshops: We work together in a group in order to give honest feedback and encouragement, we are a sisterhood and we aim to help each other do better.

Personal expression skills: We help teach our girls how to vocalize their needs and desires in personal situations such as relationships, friendships, and even business by doing mock interviews and product pitches, encouraging entrepreneurship.

Solo training as needed: Some of our girls are very timid, we take note of how we can help encourage them to speak up. We work on confidence-building and anxiety techniques as a group, but also in solo environments too; student and teacher. We may ask for extra time with this student, but don’t worry solo training (if needed) is included in your package and will not cost you any more money.

Video and Podcast Practice:  We will use technology in order to let the Black Girls with MICS analyze themselves, it helps with pointing out undesirable movements and quirks, encouraging them to take note for their next moment of Public Speaking. We also have a podcast training, lets the girls check out their radio voices and who knows, maybe those voices feel more comfortable behind the scenes. We like to see our girls’ strong points.

Artistic Expression Development: We like to note that there are also other ways to use your voice, so we will have a session on the many different ways we can get our voices out there. Once again, we are searching for those strong points because that’s where our students will flourish in their individual paths.

Certificate of Completion: Each student will receive a certificate of completion on their last day, which will be held as an event for the family to attend.





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